Kathmandu Valley One Day Tour

swayambhu nath

Kathmandu valley day tour reflects the glimpse of traditional style temples, monuments, palaces, monasteries, stupas that holds great significance culturally and historically. Mainly we will visit the world heritage site in the Kathmandu valley namely Kathmandu Durbar Square, Swoyambhunath stupa, Boudhanath stupa and Pashupatinath temple. We can visit the Narayanhiti Museum which holds the mystery of royal massacre and relax at garden of dreams; both places are at walking distance away from tourist hub Thamel.

We embark for following places during our Kathmandu valley one day tour:

Kathmandu Durbar Square

Old Durbar (Palace) area and royal court yard, temple of present Kumari “Living Goddess, Kastamandap an old historical Pagoda Temple where Kathmandu named derived from the word Kastamandap in Sanskrit meaning Temple built from the wood of a single tree.
Bhairb shrine near the old palace of Hanuman Dhoka a ferocious looking God many manifestations of Lord Shiva (the protector & destroyer)

Taleju Temple perched high above Old Palace of Hanuman Dhoka, 7th Centaury of impressive architecture Pagoda and Terra cotta design (opens inside the temple once a year in the month of end of September or 1st week of October during Nepal greatest festival of Dashain)

Swaymbhunath (Monkey Temple):

West of Kathmandu Valley perched on a hillock, one of the ancient sites of more than 2,500 years old structure of huge dome Stupa with All Seeing Eyes of Buddha at four corners of the Stupa, this Stupa of Buddhist religion but respected by Hindu’s as well, around Swaymbhunath there many smaller models of Stupa and statue of Buddha and museum with ancient historical artifacts with Temple of Vajra Jogini devotees pay respect to cure their children from chicken fox diseases.

Swaymbhunath offers grand view of Kathmandu valley and in a clear fine day along with views of Langtang, Ganesh and Jugal Himal range of mountains.
There is two ways to reach the Stupa complex one by the old normal local route from the front east gate a climb to steep steps for 20 minutes and the other way is south west of Stupa where one can drive most of the way, and from the ticket counter a short walk to the Stupa.

Tour of Pashupatinath a holy Hindu Temple:

A short drive of 20 minutes on route Kathmandu airport, visiting areas on this Holy Hindu Temple Pashupatinath complex the first sight by the bank of Baghmati River is the cremation on pyre of Hindu’s deceased body with hay and woods for burning the corpse, after cremation rituals heading on steps towards nicely built rows of small stone shrines inside a Lord Shiva Phallus, from here looking across the Temple of Pashupatinath dedicated to Lord Shiva with silver four doors in each corner and with Golden Roof Pagoda. (Only Hindu are allowed inside the main Temple premises so Non Hindu’s have to observe the Temple environment from outside). This place is flooded with pilgrims during the auspicious time in February as per Hindu Lunar calendar to worship “Shiva Ratri” Shiva birth anniversary.

Tour of Boudhnath “Little Tibet”

Just within reach from Pashupatinath lies the famous, probably world’s largest Stupa a dome shaped, inside from the busy street Boudhanath Stupa of quaint environment with many monasteries around the Stupa complex, the holy Stupa with four all seeing eyes of Lord Buddha with golden gilt spires atop decorated with prayer flags and holy Buddhist symbols, one can walk around the first half of the large stupa where Buddhist pilgrims and devotees offers prayers and burn juniper incense, this dome shaped with white washed and pattern of Lotus flower petals in orange or saffron color. Around lined with prayer wheels walking clockwise is the right order and discipline in Tibetan of Mayana Buddhism the place is surrounded with shrines, shops and restaurants, after an interesting and fascinating time walk towards the exit gate to reach our tour bus and cars.
Kathmandu valley has lot to offer for visitors, however we will be concluding our day trip here and returning back to Hotel. Enjoy rest of your day exploring the night life, cultural show at Thamel area. Join with BUNA treks and see what Kathmandu city has more to offer.

Trip Highlights

First site: Kathmandu Durbar square, 5 minutes drive or 15 minutes walking distance from Thamel.
Second site: Swayambhunath stupa, 20 minutes drive from Kathmandu Durbar Square.
Third site: Pashupatinath temple, 20 minutes drive from Swayambhunath stupa
Final site: Boudhanath Stupa, 10 minutes drive from Pashupatinath temple
Return point: BUNA Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd. Office, Thamel, Kathmandu @ 5pm or drop off to your hotel upon request.

Fixed Departures

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