Terms & Conditions

Buna Treks & Expeditions appeals to all fellow travellers on booking with us to follow and understand few rules and regulations of Buna Treks & Expeditions policy for your own safety to secure and to enjoy your holiday in this amazing Himalayan destination hassle-free and safe travel with Buna Treks & Expeditions.
Buna Treks & Expeditions extends its best to provide convenience to our entire guest at all times. As per your booking for an adventure or leisure holiday involves traveling into remote Himalaya area, weather conditions in the Himalayan region can be unfavourable and unpredictable sometimes, availability of porters, yaks or other pack animals “beast of burden” and any other means of transport, vehicle breakdown, domestic flight delays or cancellation, trekking trails and road situation or local strikes may require in need for change or even delays at times in our tour and trekking program itinerary days.
Assuring, we will do our best in our limitation and capacity to see that you are inconvenienced and hassle-free as possible on these mentioned conditions and situations: Which is beyond and out of our control?
Regarding if such a problem arises, no claim or refund will be entertained or provided, including the early return from the trip or change in the travel itinerary due to unforeseen reason conditions beyond our control.
All your return expenses including hotel bills where applicable or extra transportation cost to be borne by oneself.
Important things to remember on booking with us:

01: After booking the trip of your choice you are required to send us a non-refundable deposit of US$ 200 for each person and your holiday insurance as deemed appropriate: The balance of the total payment for the tour or trekking must be made 30 days before the departure date of the chosen trip: If the booking is made only 2 weeks before the departure date then full payment must be made for the booking to be confirmed to place your seat on the chosen trips:We reserve the right to cancel any booking if the balance payment is not made on time: In such cases the cancellation changes as mentioned below will be applicable.All balance or money if you paid to our travel agent aboard in respect of booking with BUNA Treks & Expeditions is held by the agent on behalf of BUNA Treks & Expeditions.

02: The minimum number of persons in a group should be 4 persons, as our trip costs rated are priced respectively. If the minimum number requirement is not reached, this rate is no longer cost-effective, so a surcharge on the trip cost might be added to cover the extra costs for a similar number of the person in the group or BUNA Treks & Expeditions has the right to cancel it.

03: The daily routine is our ultimate goal of the trip is taken as aims and not as contractual obligations: The campsites / Itinerary in some places may need to be rearranged according to situation and circumstances.Clients will be responsible for any expenses incurred due to international or internal flight cancellation/delays, strikes, local regulations, sickness, unfavourable weather, riots etc…..No claim or refund or compensation will be made applicable on this type of Himalayan Adventure holidays and breaking the journey early due to sickness or for any reason beyond our control.

04: On the trips, you are expected to abide by the authority of BUNA tour/trip leaders or guides; that represents BUNA Treks & Expeditions.Under all circumstances, the decision of a group leader or head guide regarding conduct, itinerary and objective of the tour is final. When you sign the form it signifies you agree to these conditions: If the group leader or guide comes to the conclusion that your behaviour or physical condition is detrimental to the safety, welfare and well being of the entire group or if (in consolation with the trip doctor when there is one) the group leader or guide decides that your general well being will be put at risk by your continuing with the trip, you may be asked to abandon the tour without the right to any refund.

05: All baggage and personal items are at all times at your own risk, even when carried by yaks-pack animals or porters: We will not be responsible for any loss, damage or accident to any baggage and property, how so ever incurred.

06: Refunds or compensation are not provided for any unused hotel accommodation, air tickets or any service or feature of the trip that you did not use.

07: To take part in this holiday you must be covered by medical / travel insurance, which must include the cost of repatriation and helicopter rescue including Travel and Medical bills; if you become too ill to continue and might require immediate evacuation by any means of transport or helicopter.If rescue evacuation is required during the trip due to sickness or injury, our staff/guide or leader will contact us at BUNA company head office. We then try to send a helicopter or other means of transport as soon as possible.The amount for such Helicopter cost and other relative expenses to be settled by the party after their arrival in Kathmandu from the trip or before international departure to respective destination.

08: 25% deposit of the trip cost should be paid along with booking at least 30 days before the trip departure. If we do not receive the payment in time, BUNA Treks & Expeditions reserves the right to cancel your booking.The remaining balance should be paid on your arrival in Kathmandu, before your trip departure.

09: When we confirm your booking we assume that you realize and accept the potential risk and hazards that can involve on trips of this nature.It is also understood that you have the mental and physical capacity to participate in the activities demanded. It is your full responsibility to bring with you the proper clothing and equipment about which we have informed on all trips: BUNA Treks & Expeditions guides and group leaders, as well as anyone else working in association with us, cannot be held responsible for any accident or mishap that may occur in connection with any part of our services connected with the trip.

10: Your own responsibilities include medical vaccinations and other preliminary arrangements including your visa procurements. We cannot be held responsible if these cannot be completed in time for departure.

11: In case of physically unfit or ill health on arriving Kathmandu before leaving for trek or tour, we reserve the right to cancel the trip for the concerned client with 60 % refund from the trip cost except for visa fees.

Cancellation Policy:
When signing the booking make sure that you have read and understood the clarifications and agreed to abide by the rules set by BUNA Treks & Expeditions.
Should you wish to cancel the trip it must be done in writing by the same person whose name the trip is invoiced to or to an agent who handled the booking overseas? Please note that if the reason for your cancellation is within the terms of your insurance policy, your money will (normally) be refunded to you directly by the insurance company. You will forfeit the insurance premium on cancellation.
If you are forced to cancel the trip, please do inform us at earliest so that we can minimize the cancellation charges.

01: A cancellation charge of 25% will apply if one cancels the trip 35 days before the trip departure.
02: 50% cancellation charge will apply those who cancel the trip within 2 weeks prior to trip departure.
03: No refunds, thereafter in case of no show or delay on arrival for what so ever reasons.
04: Although every endeavour will be made to remain to the planned itinerary, the adjustment may have to be made. Under any circumstances, we reserve the right to cancel your booking with us.

However, your booking will not in normal circumstances be cancelled less than 3 weeks before the departure date. If the need arises to cancel your booking, an alternative holiday trip or a similar standard will be arranged for you. If this offer is not acceptable to you, any trip cost paid to Buna Treks & Expeditions or to our agents to respective countries abroad will be refunded. We are not liable for any loss or damage arising out of cancellations under any circumstances whatsoever.